How negative feedback can turn into a positive outcome

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We have all hear that knowledge is power, and with the social technology we can access on a daily basis, consumers have access to a vast amount of  information  online. Whether it is reading hotel reviews on Tripadvisor or downloading their local grocery catalogue, consumers have the power and will make their decision based on the information at hand.

This is all well and clear. The question is  however how do we get the consumers attention and finally loyalty? We are now in an era of what you can call an experienced based economy, meaning that through services, tools or goods business can create a memorable event for their consumer something that will conect them with the brand and company.

A recent study; “Customer Engagement: The Best of the Best,” SAP and Forbes Insights talks about how companies that have transformed their marketing strategies with the main focus being on the customer.

An example of this is the Switzerland based grocer Coop. They launched coop@home a grocery shopping app, were customers could also leave feedback. To their surprise surveys showed that the most loyal customers were in fact the once  that had launched a complaint and then been taken care of. This relates not only to the experience based economy but also to the service recovery paradox, which is when a customer ends up thinking more highly of a company after they have corrected a problem. From personal experience if the company I work for receives a negative feedback regarding our product or service, this would be seen as a great opportunity to not only touch base with your customers on a more personal level but also influence the way the customers view our company. In all cases any complaint received has been turned into a positive outcome for both the company and the consumer by providing a positive experience and satisfying the consumers needs. Negative feedback is easy to ignore at the time being, however by avoiding this feedback you are loosing a great opportunity to improve whatever it is that your consumers are unhappy with, it is also a great way of attracting that loyal customer base we all want.

What do you guys think? Have you ever been in a similar situation were negative feedback have had a positive outcome?


One thought on “How negative feedback can turn into a positive outcome

  1. Personally, i am a big believer in that all feed back is positive. I mean how else are we as marketers ever going to improve our products or services without any feedback. You have raised a really interesting point with Coop …whereby they had found that they customers who had raised complaints and had these companies handled were in fact their most loyal ones. I guess that in this new age digital world, business need be vigilant of grievances made about them, and must address them almost instantaneously as they are made. Ensuing that reputation/brand is protected and that customers grievances are addressed, so as to turn them from dislike to liking again,


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