One of the most effective marketing campaigns ever was a job add.

IMC and Viral Marketing.

To demonstrate the power of social media through integrated marketing communication, I will use an example of a marketing campaign launched by Queensland tourism that went viral within hours exceeding every expectation. The success according to Don Morris the chairman, was due to the simplicity of the message.

“The best job in the world”

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 6.46.04 PM

By the use of social media, a YouTube video about a work position as an animal caretaker among other tasks on the Hamilton islands in Queensland went viral. We can ask ourselves why? Was it due to the generous salary of 150 000 AUD for only six months work and access to a private villa, or did the message hit home when being offered an opportunity to take care of animals? One of the main messages that were conveyed through the video was that this was a lifetime chance and experience money could not buy!

Don Morris could not have picked a better time to release the campaign. It was in the middle of European winter, and it certainly grabbed the attention of the world with more than 30 000 people form over 200 different countries applied for this position. 7 million visited the site and the contest involved another 423 000 people that partook in voting when the final contestants were picked out. The media campaign was valued at 200 million AUD and it was estimated almost 3 billion people have been exposed to the campaign. The choice of marketing channel allowed the video to be shared on multiple social media channels, creating an electronic word of mouth with fast spread.

During the Cannes advertising festival, the campaign took home a grand prix award in three categories, PR, direct and cyber, something that has never happened before, and with a budget of 1.7 million AUD.

When watching the video what do you think was the reason for the campaigns success?

One of the video submitted for the position, by Mitchell from Canada.


3 thoughts on “One of the most effective marketing campaigns ever was a job add.

  1. The reason for its success is because Queensland itself already has such beautiful scenery and furthermore, the large salary of 150 000 AUD for only six months work and access to a private villa is a great bonus which really attracts people and therefore when the ad got slogan ‘the best job in the world’ the positioning really fits well with what it offers and this attracts a lot of people especially at the time of release of ad, Canada, USA and European countries were experiencing winter days which is a great opportunity and the right time for the advertisement.


  2. This campaign is a testament to the way social media has changed the way a message can be conveyed. With the amount of data being transatced between users, each other and social media platforms every day ever increasing, audience segmentation and delivery of message to a very specific group of people is one of the biggest advantages for modern marketers. This video on it’s own is effective, but the delivery over social media networks is what really made it huge – push a video pitching a premise featuring sunny tropical beaches to a Northern Hemisphere market in the middle of winter is like holding a lantern in a swarm of moths. Couple that with an entry mechanism that essentially got users to create reusable content and a generous budget, and clearly Tourism Australia found themselves a winning campaign.

    Great example, thanks for sharing/analysing!


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